Hanna Hats

Vintage Cap Tweed Dark Grey Charcoal Fleck


■ Made from 100% natural wool manufactured for its resilience and comfort

■ An Irish Traditional Cap that is Handcrafted in Ireland

■ Worn by all genders and ages to elevate modern styles with subtle elegance

■ Care recommendations: in order to keep its best condition, please dry clean it only 



The french have their berets, the Americans have their Stetson’s, and the Irish have their classic tweed caps. Irish and Harris tweed are woven into a hat that is both soft to wear and hard to wear out.
Tweed is a traditional and informal material that appeals to all genders and ages for its comfort and durability. 
The choice of 100% natural wool is thoughtfully selected to embody the colors and comes from Donegal. Donegal is the the world’s epicenter for quality tweed production; The traditional methods of manufacture are still being used to create for you a vintage Irish tweed cap that boasts a look and feel that is undeniably Irish. 

Even today the classic Irish tweed cap can both capture that vintage look of a bygone era with its slower, simple and more relaxed pace while also elegantly being incorporated into any new modern look or current styling with natural ease.
The vintage classic tweed cap’s ongoing versatility and subtle flair is a testament to the enduring qualities that the Irish are famed for around the world. Wearing a vintage classic tweed cap captures the very heart of being Irish.