Guinness Pint Men's Socks Blue


■ Made of 75% cotton, 10% polyamide, 10% polyester, and 5% spandex, quality materials that make these socks cozy, comfortable, and resistant.
■ The navy and turquoise socks feature the Guinness logo on the upper part and an interesting message on each saying ‘Make mine a Guinness’. 
■ They come in one, universal size, so you don’t need to worry whether they’ll suit the one you are gifting them to. 
■ Coming nicely arranged, so you can give them easily to your beer-loving friend or to any Irish beer connoisseur.


If you’re looking to make a nice and funny gift to a beer-lover, these navy and turquoise ‘Make mine a Guiness’ will surely impress them. Made in Ireland as part of the Official Guinness Merchandise, these socks are guaranteed to impress any Guinness-lover or Irish enthusiast.
They are made of 75% cotton, 10% polyamide, 10% polyester, and 5% spandex, making them comfortable, warm, and breathable, as well as durable and resistant to tearing, so they will stay for long in your wardrobe.
The intricate design features the Guinness official logo and a bear pint on the upper part, along with red, yellow, and turquoise stripes. The funny inscription on the bottom of each sock says “Make mine a Guinness”, which will make these socks a gift to remember for any friend.
If you want to express your support for Irish beer in a creative and amusing way, our themed socks are the perfect choice for you.