Guinness Slippers


■ Our Guinness slippers are made of 100 % durable polyester for maximum comfort and warmth.
■ The design of the slippers features the iconic Guinness 1759 logo along with the signature gold harp.
■ These comfy slippers are one size fits all, ideal for everyday and around-the-house use. 
■ Part of the official Guinness merchandise, our slippers are a lovely Irish gift for various occasions.


These awesome Guinness slippers are an ideal gift for people with a sense of humor, anyone who loves a pint of Guinness, or those who just want their feet to feel cozy! Whatever the case, you really can't go wrong with these slippers.

They are super-soft, ultra-warm, and are cutely designed to resemble a pint of your favorite beer, with the tan toe tips looking like the foam at the brim of a beer glass! Make these adorable slippers a cute gift for a friend or make them your go-to comfort slippers at home!