Guinness Navy With Brewed in Ireland Since 1759 Text T-Shirt

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Now: $18.89


■ 100% Cotton: This T-shirt is made of cotton, a great heat insulator, durable, moisture-resistant, and comfortable material.

■ Guinness Logo and Design: Boasting an official Guinness logo, this shirt is part of the Official Guinness Merchandise.

■ Crew Neckline: Made with comfort and versatility in mind, our shirt boasts a relaxed crew neck design. 

■ Perfect Irish Gift: This Guinness Shirt will impress fans of beer and Irish culture alike, effortlessly winning them over with its charming design.


Show off both your love for Irish culture and Irish beer with our Guinness Ladies Brewed in Ireland Since 1759 Text T-Shirt. A classic Guinness Tee with a time-tested style, add a touch of personality with the design of one of Ireland’s best-loved brands.
Made of 100% cotton, our shirt is breathable, a great heat insulator, durable, and moisture-resistant - the perfect combination for long-lasting comfort. The Guinness harp logo is featured front center, standing out with a navy base and white edging. Around the harp logo sits the classic slogan “Made of More”, a powerful message that resonates with all beer enjoyers, a clear reference to its quality. This shirt also boasts a comfortable crew neckline, carefully tailored to be flexible and versatile, allowing multiple styling options.
A perfect gift for all lovers of Guinness, make sure to impress your loved ones with our Guinness Shirt. To own a piece of Guinness apparel is to own a piece of Ireland itself.