Wild Atlantic Ireland Cycling Jersey


■ “Ireland” sublimatic print on front with “Atlantic Way” printed on sides and reverse
■ Image of the rugged Atlantic Irish coast printed on both sides with green and black piping
■ Half-zip front placket with elastic waist and two elasticized back pockets
■ Designed in Ireland by Malham
■ Machine washable 100% performance polyester


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Whether you’re a casual or professional cyclist, this Wild Atlantic Ireland Cycling Jersey is a great way to showcase your heritage and Irish pride every time you go for a ride. Inspired by Ireland’s most famous tourist route, the Wild Atlantic Way, this jersey features an image of the rugged Atlantic coastline and cliffs with “Ireland” text printed on the front and “Atlantic Way” printed on the back.

The front of this cycling jersey features a half zip placard, and the waist is elastic lined for comfort. In the back, two elasticized pockets are available for ease of storing gear while riding. Whatever your skill level, Malham will keep you dressed appropriately.

For over 30 years, Malham has been a leading manufacturer of sports apparel and souvenir clothing from Ireland and Scotland. Inspired by the rich cultural and trans-national traditions of football and rugby, Malham is committed to ensuring the highest-quality apparel is available no matter the occasion. Based in Dublin, Malham’s range varies from vintage retro jackets to rugby shirts and printed tees, so there’s something for everybody who wants to remember their heritage.

Machine washable 100% performance polyester.