Scotland Breathable Rugby Shirt


■ This Scottish rugby shirt is crafted from 100% polyester, a material that feels incredibly soft against your skin and also boasts exceptional moisture-wicking properties. 
■ Proudly showcasing the emblem of Scotland's heritage, an intricately embroidered ScottishThistle takes center stage on the left chest of the shirt 
■ The right part of the shirt proudly carries the 'Live for Rugby' logo, encapsulating the spirit of dedication, teamwork, and passion that rugby embodies. 
■ This shirt features a rugby collar and a three-button placket, paying homage to the authentic Scottish rugby tradition 




Don’t be afraid to be a standout at tailgate parties and fun gatherings in this Scotland Breathable Rugby Shirt from Malham. Made of 100% Breathlite® polyester fabric, this shirt will have you feeling breezy and comfy, especially with its breathable crewneck collar. The shirt features a classic color scheme of navy and white, with accented white stripes on the sleeves and collar

Inside this stripe on the left chest is an embroidered Scottish thistle with "Scotland" embroidered underneath. The Scottish thistle is the national flower of Scotland and holds significance dating back to the middle ages during the time of Viking raids and a strong clan system. Opposite the thistle on the right chest is a ‘Live for Rugby’ logo in white. Completing the athletic edge of the shirt is a tan horizontal stripe accent across the shoulders.

Make this sporty shirt part of a look for a fun night out, or pair it with some black shorts for a cool workout outfit!