Harp Ireland Longsleeve Striped Rugby Shirt


■ This Irish shirt is crafted from durable 100% cotton, a material that makes sure this piece is comfortable and easy to care for. 
■ Features a classic rugby collar and a hidden three-button placket, combining style with functionality. 
■ The black and gold color scheme, along with a gold embroidered harp and white Live for Rugby logo, creates a stylish and spirited look. 
■ This shirt is designed in Ireland, reflecting the cultural and aesthetic values of this country. 


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For rugby enthusiasts, there’s no better gift than a genuine rugby shirt. And this Harp Ireland Longsleeve Striped Rugby Shirt from Malham is a perfect fit for anyone who has a passion for Irish rugby.

The black and gold striped pattern evokes vintage rugby design, as does the hidden three-button placket at the collar, complete with authentic rubber rugby buttons. Above the right breast is Malham’s trademark Live for Rugby logo with a rugby ball, and above the left breast is an embroidered Ireland Harp design in gold. The harp is the official national symbol of Ireland and can be seen in the coat of arms for Leinster province as well as on the flag of the Irish president.

For over 30 years, Malham has been a leading manufacturer of sports apparel and souvenir clothing from Ireland and Scotland. Inspired by the rich cultural and trans-national traditions of football and rugby, Malham is committed to ensuring the highest-quality apparel is available no matter the occasion. Based in Dublin, Malham’s range varies from vintage retro jackets to rugby shirts and printed tees, so there’s something for everybody who wants to remember their heritage. 

Machine washable 100% heavyweight cotton.