Mucros Weavers

Alpaca Wool Men's Scarf- Green



■ Made of 100% Alpaca wool, a silky smooth natural fiber that is nevertheless strong and sturdy and provides excellent warmth
■ The scarf measures 63” x 12” in length and width respectively and also features a stylish 4” long fringe detail
■ The design features various color accents that are beautifully interlaced to create a superb and eye-catching visual effect
■ The size and the vibrant design ensure that the scarf can be styled in various ways and can be worn with different items of clothing 
■ It is recommended to only dry clean the scarf in order to prevent causing any damage to the material


Mucros Weavers scarves are known for being made out of the highest quality materials. Our beautiful Islander scarf manufactured by Mucros Weavers is truly a lifelong addition to your wardrobe thanks to the impeccable quality and gorgeous design.

The design of this Irish scarf is bound to attract attention from people walking by. The beautifully interlaced color notes make it versatile and allow it to easily pair with clothes in truly unique ways. You won’t have to worry about what goes well with what when wearing this scarf.

The scarf is very soft yet firmly woven together such that it doesn’t come apart, which makes it cozy and nice to the touch. Behind the stylish facade of the clothing item, there is a deep Irish tradition that has survived the trial of time, being still widely used and appreciated by locals. This allowed for developing an understanding of how to better work with the materials in order to achieve the characteristic, pleasant softness of these scarfs.