Irish Aran Knit Cable Pattern Scarf with Shamrocks

Was: $42.90
Now: $28.90

■ The scarf is another exceptional product from Ireland's leading and renowned knitwear firm, SAOL, and is part of the unique and new St. Patrick Collection
■ The lovely product is churned out from the 100% Merino wool that has a luxurious and elegant texture, providing both comfort and warmth
■ The shamrock detail in the design of the scarf has a deep Irish connection, with a religious significance, the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day
■ The intricate patterns on the scarf represent the Traditional Aran Patterns, a pride of Ireland, unique and exquisite only in Ireland, that offers an authentic look
■ The scarf measures 57 x 9 inches



A scarf is arguably one of the most recognizable and stylish accessories suitable, especially for the cold chilly season. There are numerous outfits that you can comfortably try out with a scarf, and you will get that outstanding look, anywhere, anytime. The Irish Aran Knit Cable Pattern Scarf with Shamrocks is your go-to accessory, the ultimate tool to keep comfy and warm as you usher in the festive season. The scarf is another great product from one of Ireland's leading and household knitwear firm, SAOL Knitwear. The reputable firm, in productions for decades now, is renowned for mixing tradition and style, churning out outstanding products always.

The incredible thing about this lovely scarf is in detail, as it is designed and styled to precision. The material used in the manufacture of this gorgeous piece is the 100% Merino wool. The wool, which is pre-treated, offers you a luxurious texture and an elegant feel on touch, keeping you all cozy and warm throughout the cold season. The pre-treatment also prolongs the wool's longevity, ensuring that it offers you service for a longer time.

The design of the scarf is exquisite and unique, making it a standout product. The scarf features an intricate cable knit pattern, part of the traditional Aran models. The designs, in existence for over a century, have an authentic touch, giving this chunky scarf its fantastic texture and also add an extra level of warmth and comfort to the piece. The patterns have their origin in the Aran Islands and were incorporated into thick wool sweaters of the fishermen, the perfect insulation against the Atlantic winds.

Another conspicuous feature of the scarf is the intricate shamrock detail in the design, located at either end of the lovely piece. The shamrock is one of Ireland's most beloved plants, with a profound cultural and religious connection. Legend has it that St. Patrick used the shamrock to signify the holy trinity during the early Christian ages.