Womens Aran Cable Knit Scarf with Shamrocks


■ The gorgeous scarf is a product of the prestigious, well-established and leading Irish knitwear, SAOL, and is part of their new St. Patrick’s Collection, a special edition
■ Made out of the rich and exquisite 100% Merino wool that is cozy and smooth to touch with an excellent texture that offers comfort and warmth
■ The lovely Aran scarf features the distinct and unique traditional Aran patterns in its design, giving it an authentic and original look
■ The three-button closure feature on the Irish wool scarf and fastened with three classic leather-covered buttons offers extra comfort and warmth from the chilly, cold temperatures
■ The wool scarf measures 32 x 8 inches 



If you are looking for an accessory that is sleek, cozy, and trendy and perfectly fits into the theme and celebratory mood of St. Patrick's Day, then check out the lovely Women's Aran Knit Scarf with Shamrocks. Every inch of this great product has a touch of perfection, designed to precision from Ireland's leading knitwear, SAOL. The beautiful scarf’s colors, design, and patterns will let you step out in style as you showcase your Irish pride and heritage with pride.

The Aran knit scarf comes endowed with a shamrock pattern at the base in contrasting colors, a unique and exclusive feature. The shamrock flower, featured in this scarf, has a massive significance to the Irish, being a symbol linked to St. Patrick himself. Legend has it that St. Patrick, during the early Christian ages, used the shamrock metaphorically to refer to the holy trinity. 

The lovely piece is knit from 100% Merino pre-treated wool, giving it a super-soft, super cozy luxurious touch, guaranteeing you warmth and comfort. The texture is ideal for keeping you warm throughout the chilly, cold weather. The design of the scarf features three-button closure leather-covered buttons that keep the scarf snug around the neck, offering you an extra layer of comfort, security, and warmth throughout the cold season.

The patterns adorned on the scarf feature the Traditional Aran models, distinctively used by the fishermen on remote Aran Islands. The cable patterns featured on the great scarf are intricately interwoven, creating unique designs that offer warmth and comfort. The models that have been around for centuries traditionally signify good fortunes and hope.