Irish Wool Cable Knit Scarf for Men


■ Is a product of Ireland’s leading, renowned and well-established manufacturing firms, SAOL Knitwear, and is part of the new St. Patrick Collection

■ The scarf is knit from pre-treated Merino wool, giving it an excellent texture for the ultimate comfort and warmth from the cold

■ The ribbed finishes at the end of the scarf are both unique and practical, designed to insulate you from the cold while retaining the heat inside
■ The remarkably detailed cable knit designs which are part of the traditional Aran patterns are exquisitely unique, the perfect way of paying homage to the Irish heritage
■ The scarf measures 72 x 9 inches


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If you are looking for a majestic, detailed, and textured accessory that is a mixture of class, beauty, and tradition, then this lovely piece of art is the ultimate choice. Designed to precision, this scarf embodies fascinating features, making it rank among the best accessories you can try out, especially during the cold, chilly season. A product of the magnificent, seasoned, and reputable Irish household knitwear firm, SAOL, the scarf is your go-to piece when you want to stand out. SAOL Knitwear has, for years, been at the forefront of producing exceptional, detailed, and remarkable outfits, earning a name as the most excellent knitwear firm in the region.

SAOL Knitwear uses the 100% Merino wool in the manufacture of this fantastic Cable Knit Scarf for Men. The pre-treated yarn has a super-soft touch, giving it a comfy and warm feel when worn. The texture of the scarf is exquisitely elegant, on which elaborate fine prints are incorporated.

The cable knit design adorned on the scarf represents the traditional Aran patterns, the pride, and cradle of the Irish traditions and culture. The intricate and exquisite patterns have been in existence for over a century now and were initially woven into fishermen's sweaters to shield them from the Atlantic winds when out on fishing expeditions. The patterns have today become one of the most recognizable designs on Irish garments, and still retain their verve and warmth. The use of the elaborate patterns has endeared this marvelous piece of art to many people, not only in Ireland but around the globe.

This lovely scarf goes perfectly well when paired with SAOL'S Cable Knit Wool Hat to give you that complete festive look. This accessory is suitable for both an outdoor and indoor look, irrespective of the occasion. Consider adding this fantastic piece to your shopping basket as it can serve as a beautiful surprise gift to your friends, loved one, or family member. This fabulous scarf is going to transform your look, especially this festive season.