Merino Wool Knit Three Shamrock Scarf for Men


■ This gorgeous scarf is knit out of the 100% Merino wool that is super-soft, cozy and smooth, a texture that provides comfort and warmth at the same time
■ Is a product of the magnificent, trailblazing and leading knitwear firm, SAOL, and the fantastic scarf is part of the St. Patrick Collection
■ The intricate and outstanding patterns on the scarf represent the traditional Aran models, around for over a century, offering authenticity and uniqueness
■ The shamrock patterns on the scarf have a deep religious and cultural significance to the Irish, the ultimate way to usher in St. Patrick’s Day celebrations
■ The scarf measures 60 x 10 inches



Maintaining a fashion sense while at the same time keeping trendy and stylish is an ultimate plan for any guy, especially during the cold chilly season. There are various looks to try out to maintain a classy look, especially during this festive season. One of the accessories that you should check out is the stunning Merino Wool Knit Three Shamrock Scarf for Men. The lovely scarf embodies a combination of tradition, culture, and fashion. A product of one of Ireland's leading knitwork firms and a household name in the industry, SAOL Knitwear, the fabulous scarf, is an outstanding piece of art.

The intricate design and prints on the scarf are eye-catchy, appealing, and outstanding. The style and design befit the festive season, perfectly matching with the theme of St. Patrick's Day celebrations. The patterns feature cable knit models, an authentic design from the traditional Aran patterns. The original patterns adorn the Irish fishermen's sweaters, perfectly designed to trap the body heat in and keep them warm through their fishing expeditions. The Aran models are a pride of the Irish and have been in existence for over a century now.

The fabulous scarf is made out of the 100% Merino wool, pre-treated to offer the best comfort and warmth. The wool's texture is super-soft, cozy, and elegant, giving it a luxurious feel in touch. The three shamrocks displayed on the scarf and the border detail at either end of the scarf has a magnificent traditional significance to the Irish people. Legend has it that St. Patrick himself used the Shamrock metaphorically during the early Christian days as a symbol of the holy trinity.