Guinness Black and Cream Top


■ 100% Cotton: This Guinness shirt is made of 100% cotton, a material that strikes a fine balance between breathability and comfort, keeping you warm and dry. 
■ Official Guinness Merchandise: Authentically created by Guinness, this shirt is ideal to show off your love for Irish beer. 
■ Classic Black and Cream Stripes: Inspired by the classy rugby design, our shirt incorporates vibrant stripe patterns 
■ Collared Button Neckline: Designed to keep you warm, our collared neckline makes sure to provide comfort while adding an extra dash of style. 
■ Perfect Gift: This Guinness shirt will impress any rugby fan or Irish beer lover, making it a unique gift for all occasions 



Display your appreciation for Irish beer in style with our Guinness Black and Cream Top. This jersey is a must-have for sports lovers and beer enjoyers alike because of its timeless Guinness Design and high-quality materials. This shirt is made of 100% cotton, a great heat insulator, making sure to keep you warm during every season. On top of that, it is very comfortable, as the cotton is durable and breathable, helping your skin breathe.
This jersey boasts authentic Guinness embroidery, being part of the Official Guinness Merchandise, bringing you a little piece of Irish pop culture. The design makes this top perfect for both pitchside and pub-side events, making sure you stand out in any situation. This shirt boasts classic black and cream horizontal stripes that are eye-catching and chic, inspired by the traditional rugby wear. The collared button neckline is designed to keep your neck warm and comfortable.
The buttons make sure you can adjust the collar to suit your needs. Perfect for any get-together, impress your rugby lover friend or beer enjoyer in your life with this Guinness rugby jersey.