The Oatmeal Irish Boyfriend Cardigan

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  • A sleek, cute, and beautiful free Aran scarf on every purchase of the cardigan, to help you keep warm in the cold
  • Comes from 100% pure, super-soft Merino wool, a guarantee of warmth and comfort throughout the cold season
  • The sweater combines several traditional Aran stitching, giving it a unique, authentic and exquisite standout warm look.
  • The inclusion of the Trinity Knot Zipper pull is a creative design addition to keep you stylish and help you stay warm
  • The sweater is available in various sizes, from XS to XL, so you can comfortably select a perfect fit corresponding to your body size and is currently available in Parsnip


Manufacturer: Aran Crafts

Ladies love a sleek, cheeky and classic outfit that is a representation of class and authentic style. The clothing industry is ever evolving, and many ladies aspire to step out in clothes that are up to date with the current trends in the fashion industry. Winter wears some of the outfits that have seen a revolution in recent years, with the latest brands not only focusing on comfort and warmth but designed for class, style, and creating a fashion statement. Check out our marvelous masterpiece, the Oatmeal Irish Boyfriend Cardigan, that screams of perfection and comfort, a masterstroke to keep the cold at bay. Our gorgeous cardigan is created to impress, with every fine detail taken into consideration. The result of the careful craftsmanship is our marvel of a sweater, bringing out the best in you and making you stand out from the crowd in the cold season. Add this beautiful piece to your collection of winter wear. Our cardigan can also serve as the perfect gift to your loved ones to show them that you are considerate and that you care for them. The style and design Our fantastic cardigan has a beautifully elegant yet fresh and carefree style that will look good on every figure, irrespective of your body size. The designer thought of every detail of the product, combining many factors to create an authentic, unique, and classic sweater. The favorite asymmetric zippered boyfriend cardigan crafted from 100% super soft Merino wool, is a product of Ireland. The soft Merino gives the cardigan a smooth feel texture on touch, giving it comfort and warmth, helping you shelter from the slithering cold spells. The inclusion of the Trinity knot zipper pull is both practical and genuinely unique, giving the sweater a touch of class. The insert pockets add both practicality and a sophisticated edge to our beautiful cardigan. Aran Stitches The cardigan uses historic and popular Aran patterns in the design. The use of the Aran stitches is an embrace of Irish cultures and traditions, as the models have been part of the Irish garments for decades. The Aran stitches are the pride of Ireland, and the inclusion in the cardigan gives it a place in the hearts of the Irish people. The designers combine various Aran stitches in the style and design of the sweater to give it a unique look. The combinations in the cardigan are the Classic Aran Cable, Diamond, Moss, Trellis and Zigzag stitches. 

Product Features We Adore

Trinity Knot Zipper

This cardigan features a side zip with a striking Trinity Knot zipper pull!

Insert Pockets

Adding both a both practicality and sophisticated edge to this cardigan!

Aran Pattern

Classic Aran cable, diamond, moss, trellis & zigzag stitches rich in Irish history!

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