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ShanOre Celtic January Birthstone Pendant

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  • The Claddagh design symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship through the heart, crown, and hands respectively, making this a perfect devotional gift. 
  • Made in Ireland by ShanOre Jewelers, which was founded in 1979 in Dublin and still hand crafts all their exquisite designs. 
  • The garnet stone in the center has long been prized for its brilliant red hue and supposed protective powers. It also symbolizes loyalty and success. 
  • The pendant is made from sterling silver and bears the official hallmark of the Dublin Assay Office, signifying its purity. 
  • This pendant necklace makes an exceptional gift for any occasion. It also comes in a beautiful Irish Jewelry box.


Manufacturer: Solvar Jewelry

If anyone special in your life has a birthday in the month of January, then this ShanOre Celtic January Birthstone Pendant necklace with an inset garnet stone, the birthstone for the month of January, is a wonderful way to celebrate it.

The use of the garnet in jewelry dates back centuries as one of the first traded gemstones in the world. Garnets were historically worn by nobles and Egyptian Pharaohs and were also very popular among the Greek and Roman upper class who often used the stones to create portraits of loved ones, animals, and mythological creatures for use as signet rings. By the Middle Ages, the stone was favored by Frankish and Merovingian jewelers working with early Christian themes. Throughout history, the garnet has been prized for its alleged healing and protective powers, the red symbolizing safety and growth. The garnet name itself derives from the Latin word granatum, meaning seed-like. It is thought that this name is a reference to the deep ruby color of the garnet, which the ancients thought resembled the seeds of a pomegranate. One early account of the use of garnet comes from the book of Genesis, in which Noah uses the garnet to illuminate his lanterns to see through the darkness of the flood. These ancient uses point to the garnet’s origin as the birthstone of January, in which the months are dark and winter seems unending. But the garnet symbolizes the promise of renewed life and safety in the coming spring. Many ancients also thought the garnet symbolized loyalty and success.

The beautiful Claddagh design also has ancient meaning, though far more recent than the garnet. It is a native Irish design that dates back at least 400 years and has one of the most fascinating origin stories of any traditional symbol of Ireland, though the precise history has been lost to time. The most commonly told take of the Claddagh is that a merchant from the area of Galway known as the Claddagh was captured by pirates and sold into slavery on the North African coast. His master was a goldsmith and taught him his trade. After several years in captivity, the British crown struck a deal with the slavers, ordering all English subjects freed. The Claddagh merchant had allegedly kept hidden a cache of gold shavings from his work and, upon earning his freedom, carried them with him back home to Galway. There, he fashioned the first ever Claddagh ring for his lost love. He formed the hands to symbolize friendship, the heart to symbolize his undying love, even in captivity, and the crown to symbolize loyalty.

Since that time, the Claddagh ring has become one of the most common and traditional engagements, friendship, and promise rings in all of Ireland, given among friends, siblings, parents and children, and spouses. When worn with the heart facing inward, it shows the wearer is devoted to someone when worn with the heart facing outward, it shows the wearer is open to finding love.

This Claddagh pendant is a beautiful way to incorporate the Claddagh design into your wardrobe without adding another ring to your collection. Made by ShanOre jewelers, founded in Dublin in 1979, it bears the official hallmark of the Dublin Assay Office, signifying the purity of its silver and garnet. 

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