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Silver Claddagh August Birthstone Ring

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  • Claddagh Design
  • Silver and Peridot CZ Stone
  • Made in Dublin, Ireland
  • April Birthstone

If your birthday is in August, or if you love bright shades of the color green, then you'll adore this Silver Claddagh August Birthstone ring.

As the birthstone for August, the peridot gem takes center stage in this ring with a glowing burts of color that bring life to any look.

The peridot-jeweled heart at the center of the ring represents love between friends and is topped with a crown symbolizing loyalty that makes friendships thrive. Completing the Claddagh emblem are two gloved hands that unite in friendship to hold the crowned heart of love.

This ring is crafted from lovely silver that brings out the natural glow of the peridot gem, which has been believed to have protective powers against evil and poisoning.

Make this ring a meaningful gift for a loyal, loving friend with a birthday in the month of August!     

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