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Silver Shamrock Earrings With Swarovski Crystal

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  • Sterling Silver 
  • Round White Swarovski Crystals
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Shamrock Design
  • Handcrafted in Ireland
  • ShanOre Jewelry


Manufacturer: ShanOre Jewelry

If you have a subtle, sophisticated style that you like to occasionally jazz up with sparkle, then you’ll love the silver shamrock earrings adorned with Swarovski crystals.

These earrings upgrade regular stud earrings to a trendy level with striking Swarovski crystal earring jackets.

The shamrock flower has a deep history of meaning that goes way beyond good luck. In ancient times in Ireland, Druids believed the shamrock had special powers that could protect against danger by detecting evil spirits. They also revered the three-leaf structure of the flower because the number three had significance in Celtic culture.

It was later that the shamrock was associated with Saint Patrick because he used the three-leaf clover to explain the triune entity of the Holy Trinity in Christianity. The leaves of the shamrock were also believed to represent faith, hope, and love.

This two-part earring consists of a charming shamrock stud accompanied by an earring jacket with a series of three circular white Swarovski crystals.

Both pieces are made of sterling silver, and the jacket is placed behind the earlobe so that the three Swarovski crystals sit below the shining shamrock for a fun, floating illusion effect.

These earrings are the perfect gift for teens or women who love unique jewelry.


SEAL SEAL: Certificate of Authenticity
Material Sterling Silver
Weight 2 grams
Width 10 mm
Height 12 mm
Main Stone White Swarovski Crystals
Main Stone Dimensions 2.5 mm
Main Stone Shape Round
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