St. Brigid's Cross Ornament

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  • Made from the finest Belleek porcelain, you know that you are getting the highest quality product from skilled Irish artisans
  • St. Brigid’s Cross is often hung over a home's entryway to protect the house from harm, and our Belleek St. Brigid’s Cross Ornament is no different. Perfect as a decoration for special occasions or for every day!
  • Our St. Brigid’s Cross Ornament features careful detailing, from the embossed reed design to the hand-painted shamrocks and edges
  • Each cross is hand-painted, so no two ornaments are exactly alike--each one is a unique piece of art!
  • A gold hanging cord is included with your purchase, so your ornament comes ready to display immediately!


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Our elegant St. Brigid’s Cross Ornament lends a sweet touch of Ireland to your home. As much a national symbol of Ireland as the shamrock or the harp, St. Brigid’s cross has its origins in pre-Christian Ireland and has since become closely associated with Ireland’s female patron saint, St. Brigid. Traditionally woven from reeds or rushes (and today sometimes is woven from synthetic materials), the crosses are commonly displayed on February 1, the history beginning of spring in Ireland now celebrated as St. Brigid’s feast day. Our beautiful St. Brigid’s Cross ornament draws on centuries of tradition and is hand-painted with shamrocks and edge detailing in Belleek’s signature style, made from the finest Irish craftsmen, and perfect as a Christmas decoration or everyday charm. St. Brigid’s Cross St. Brigid is one of Ireland’s patron saints, along with St. Patrick and Columba. According to tradition, Brigid was born into slavery but was granted her freedom after giving a king’s jeweled sword away to a beggar so that he could barter it for food to feed his family. The king recognized Brigid’s holiness, and Brigid was granted her freedom. During her life, St. Brigid performed miracles, including healing and feeding the poor, and was reputed to turn water into beer (in conjunction with her reputation as an expert dairy woman and brewer). Around 480, she founded a monastery at Kildare, and she is credited with organizing communal consecrated religious life for women in Ireland. In addition to founding the monastery at Kildare, Brigid is also credited with founding a school of art, which included metalwork and manuscript illumination, which created the highly praised (and since lost) Book of Kildare. St. Brigid’s cross is traditionally made from rushes, and is linked to a story about her weaving this form of a cross at the death bed of either her father or a pagan lord. As she wove, the sick man asked her what she was doing. She began to explain the meaning of the cross, and the sick man was converted and baptized before his death. Since then, the cross of rushes has existed in Ireland as the cross of St. Brigid. Belleek Since 1857, Belleek has become synonymous with the finest, most beautiful china in the world, and boasts its Irish heritage with pride. Belleek is a small village in County Fermanagh and was devastated by the Great Famine in the mid-1800s, much like the rest of Ireland. John Caldwell Bloomfield began searching for a way to help the remaining local population when he inherited his father’s estate in 1849 and discovered that the geological area around the village was rich in clay, shale, flint, and other minerals needed to create high-quality pottery. The power of the nearby River Erne was harnessed to grind the raw materials into liquid so that they could be transformed into pottery--and the company was born in 1857, about a decade after the worst year of the Famine. Belleek’s earliest products were practical items for the kitchen and homes like tableware, mortars and pestles, and floor tiles. However, they quickly began exploring the more artistic side of their craft, and Belleek quickly gained a reputation for beautiful, high-quality products as they began exporting their distinctly Irish crafts to the US, Canada, and Australia while serving a booming market at home in Ireland and the UK. Queen Victoria herself was an early customer of the company. Today, Belleek features a range of beautiful products, from teapots and tea sets, jewelry boxes, picture frames, flower vases, Christmas ornaments, and elegant dishes. This sophisticated bread plate is an example of the careful craftsmanship that goes into every piece Belleek manufactures, Irish pottery that stands as a shining light on a world-class scale. 

Product Features We Adore


Shamrocks and stems lovingly rendered by master Irish artists

St. Brigid's Cross

The symbol of Ireland's most important female patron saint

Reed-like Embossing

Designed to resemble traditional St. Brigid's crosses woven from reeds

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