Mucros Weavers

Irish Tweed Autumn Plaid Shoulder Purse


■ Made of high quality Tweed wool and leather, this bag is resistant and durable
■ Zipper closure system that provides extra security
■ Rich in details plaid design that adds a sense of sophistication
■ Our Irish bag is perfectly sized for everyday wear 
■ Hand wash at low temperature


Our Irish bag is the perfect accessory for anyone who enjoys elegance and practicality in their wardrobe. The bag is made of great quality materials such as tweed wool and leather, making this piece highly resistant and durable. Our splendid accessory includes a zipper closure for added security. Moreover, it features a luxurious plaid design in a multitude of colors and shades, transforming this bag into a true piece of art. Our bag is ideal for everyday use due to its perfect size. We suggest hand washing at a low temperature. Take your bag collection to the next level with this unique piece.