Aran Woollen Mills

Ladies Large Irish Cable Wool Cardigan


■ Comes from the super-cozy, warm and high-quality worsted wool that is a product of Ireland.
■ The combination of the Aran Cable and Honeycomb stitches gives this Wool cardigan an authentic and unique Irish connection and its natural color is the traditional color of Aran sweaters.
■ The design of the cardigan is cute and stunning, and the inclusion of the patch pockets will keep your hands warm as you maintain that stylish look.



We all love that flashy, sleek, classy, and trendy look and would do anything to achieve and maintained an outstanding look. Creating a fashion statement can be termed as every lady's ultimate dream and goal, irrespective of the season, the occasion or current weather condition. With numerous brands angling to fulfill the ladies urge to stay trendy and stylish, the results reflect in the creative, cute, and mesmerizing outfits that are emerging every dawn. Some of the most creative available currently are winter wear. It doesn't get more classic or pretty than our amazing Ladies Large Irish Cable Wool Cardigan.

Our sophisticated, sleek, and chic feminine Irish wool sweater is the perfect representation of a trendy and stylish outfit that any lady will be impressed with and love. You should include this marvelous warm and comfortable sweater in your wish list and ultimately your shopping basket of winter wear. Our gorgeous cardigan comes from the 100% worsted wool, lightweight and a luxurious coarse texture, that is both comfortable and warm to wear to help you keep the cold away. The design that goes into the production of this masterpiece is both creatively imaginative and practical. The patch pockets on the front are perfect for keeping your hands warm, while the inclusion of the seven eye-catching bold buttons down the front of the Aran Cardigan make this sweater to stand out.

The cardigan designers have incorporated the use of the intricate, unique, and exquisite Aran stitching gives the sweater a stunning look and guarantees both warmth and comfort. The inclusion of the Aran patterns is also part of paying homage to the rich and vast Irish culture as the stitches recognized as the pride of the Irish heritage. The Aran designs and patterns have dominated the Irish garment industry for over a century and were first used to knit together fishermen's clothing. The Aran stitching was widely used and preferred, as they were regarded to keep garments waterproof and warm, suitable for the fishing expeditions that would go on for days or even months in the open waters. The Aran patterns are always either used singly or in combination, to create a distinct style and provide warmth and comfort to cloths. The use of the Aran models have a global distribution and are a representation of the Irish culture and traditions. This particular beautiful Aran cardigan sweater uses a combination of Aran Cable and Honeycomb stitching.