Mucros Weavers

Mucros Weavers Irish Hat Newsboy Style Blue/Green Plaid


■ Crafted from 100% Wool which guarantees excellent insulation and long-lasting comfort

■ Newsboy hat style with a full-bodied base that is complemented by a short, elegant brim

■ The hat is fitted with a band with a sophisticated leather rosette detail on the side

■ Made in Ireland by Mucros Weavers, a company that produces authentic woven accessories

■ We recommend dry cleaning only in order to prevent shrinking or damage to the material 


For any woman who loves the care free, adventurous vibe of a men’s newsboy hat but wants to wear it with some feminine style, then this Mucros Weavers Blue and Green Plaid Irish hat is the accessory for you! Crafted from 100% wool, this hat is durable, warm, and breathable enough to wear for all day comfort.

Dressing up this hat with personality is a blue and green plaid motif with red stripes that show off the round, full-bodied base of the cap that is complemented by a short angled brim at the front that is fitted with a band to give the hat a fresh, tailored look. Lending a sweet, dainty touch to this cap is a black leather rosette that adds whimsical texture contrast and volume.

Though available in one size, this charming hat is designed with an elasticized band in the back to accommodate various head sizes. Make this hat a chic addition to your fall and winter wardrobe!