Mucros Weavers

Irish Wool Autumn Mustard Scarf


■ Made of a luxurious blend of 50% Alpaca, 10% Merino wool, 32% Viscose, and 8% Polyamide, which ensures excellent warmth and comfort
■ The scarf measures 85 in length” and 13” in width and the fringes are 2” long - the perfect size for styling the scarf in as many ways as you want
■ Comes in a dark brown color with various other color accents throughout the scarf and a stylish light brown fringe detail
■ This gorgeous scarf is perfect for adding a sophisticated touch to both casual and formal looks in the cold season of the year
■ Our recommendation is dry clean only in order to avoid damaging the product


Our gorgeous scarf provides great versatility of style without sacrificing any of the comfort desired and expected by our customers. Thanks to the luxurious blend of soft and cozy yarns and other high-quality materials, the scarf is incredibly warm, pleasant to the touch, and stylish, making it suitable for any social setting one might find themselves in during the cold season.

The scarf features a combination of light and dark brown with subtle, yet vibrant accents distributed across the scarf that create a unique and eye-catching color palette. You can tell that the scarf is designed for a chic, yet warm attire, which makes it a wonderful addition to a fashionista’s wardrobe.

Stains can be easily removed by dry cleaning, which also ensures that the fabric of the scarf doesn’t get damaged like in the case of washing. Don’t miss the opportunity to amp up your style even during windy, rainy, or snowy days!