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Ladies Aran Patchwork Cardigan

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  • Crafted from 100% pure, soft wool that has been hand-selected for maximum comfort, durability, and fit.
  • Available in white, blue, and green colors, making it a great, adaptive garment for a wide variety of formal and casual gatherings.
  • The Aran Patchwork Green Cardigan is available in sizes S-XXL, and complements any frame and figure. You will love this the moment you slip it on!
  • A popular spin on the classic Aran sweater that will flatter your frame and put the finishing touch on your fall or winter wardrobe!


Manufacturer: Carraig Donn

This unique take on the classic Aran sweater has become one of our biggest hits! Crafted from 100% brand new Merino wool sourced directly from Irish sheep farms, the Aran Patchwork Cardigan is an absolute must have for anyone looking to perfect their fall and winter wardrobes. This cardigan ships in three colors: a deep Atlantic blue, a vivid leafy green, and a soft creamy off-white. It also features a fun vintage 3-button fastening, as well as combining a rich variation of Aran cable, diamond, and honeycomb stitching patterns, all of which have been traditional aran stitching patterns for over a century and are said to bring good luck to those who wear them (The diamond pattern, for instance, is believed to bring the wearer wealth and good fortune. The honeycomb pattern symbolizes the industrious nature of the honeybee, and the cable pattern brings good luck). Each cardigan’s stitching is divided across the waist and down the front by a rich, textured band which accentuates the frame and helps draw more attention to the unique pattern stitched across the rest of the garment. The Aran Islands are where these sweaters take their name, first knitted from unscoured wool by fishermen’s wives who relied on the wool’s natural oils to repel rain and moisture to protect their husbands from the harsh Atlantic weather. As years passed, the sweaters became a family staple and since their humble beginnings in the 1890s coastal villages of the Aran Islands, these sweaters have evolved in design, manufacture, and popularity across the globe. In the 1940s, American women began to adopt the Aran sweater as a warm weather staple after Grace Kelly modeled the sweaters for Vogue in the 1940s. Today they are instantly recognizable as one of Ireland’s most iconic fashion contributions, treasured for their incredible utility and versatile style. While the design and manufacture of the Aran sweater may have changed a bit over the years, we have made sure to only offer products that honor the heritage and tradition of how these treasured garments have been created for over a century. By relying on Irish craftsmanship and quality materials we have been able to offer customers unique products such as the Aran Patchwork Cardigan that customers love and continue to buy for friends and family (after getting one for themselves, of course!). To put it simply, our cardigans live up to the same time-honored traditions and methods that went into the original Aran knitwear, and we are committed to keeping that promise as long as we are in the business of selling Irish clothing, especially clothing our customers rely on to keep them warm and comfy during those long cool months of the year! As with all of our garments, we are confident you will love our Aran Patchwork Cardigan from the first moment you slip it on, and wouldn’t be surprised if your fall and winter outfits are based off this beautiful cardigan. We offer free shipping within the U.S. and offer a 30-day return policy, so what have you got to lose? Order your Aran cardigan today and slip in to your own unique piece of Irish history and tradition. 

Product Features We Adore

Crew Neckline

Crew neck collar that provides a classic look that everyone adores!

Bold Buttons

Distinct feature running down the front of this Aran Cardigan!

Gorgeous Aran Stitches

Cable, diamond & honeycomb patterns, brimming with Irish history in every stitch!

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