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Aran Stitch Patchwork Wrap

Out of stock
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  • Traditional cable and trellis stitching is prominent throughout our wrap, encircling a stunning fairy tree centerpiece.
  • 100% ultrasoft Merino wool is the epitome of warmth and coziness, creating the highest quality wrap you can find.
  • Our wrap is not just soft and warm, it is also versatile. Pair with a variety of looks to dress it up or down--it works everywhere!
  • Our wrap comes in two delicate colors that are not only eye-catching, but complement the softness of the Merino wool.
  • Available as a one size fits all piece, our wrap is designed to flatter everyone, and will look great on all shapes and sizes!


Manufacturer: Aran Crafts

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind piece to add to your fall wardrobe, you won’t go wrong with our Aran Stitch Patchwork Wrap. This stunning wrap cape is the perfect addition to your look, both warm and beautiful, and will have everyone asking where you found it. Made from 100% Merino wool, this cozy wrap is ultra soft and cozy. When knit with the beautiful Aran patterns, the texture becomes incredibly touchable--you won’t be able to let go. Natural and soft grey colors complement the soft textiles and richly detailed stitching that creates a cloudlike experience every time you touch it. The unique wrap comes as one size fits all, and is designed to flatter everyone. Pair it with slacks to wear around the office, or with leggings for a more casual look. You can wear it yourself, but it also makes for a great, meaningful gift for friends and family members! The Aran patterns used in our unique wrap include traditional cable stitching and trellis stitches, carefully outlining the centerpiece of a large and stunning fairy tree, all coming together with wishes of good fortune. Every time you wear this piece, you will definitely feel lucky! 100% Merino Wool Merino wool is the gold standard when it comes to textiles. Soft, absorbent, and all-natural, this type of wool is perfect for fabrics and knits that are made into clothing. If you have not had the privilege to experience merino yet, you are in for a treat. Merino’s small fibers give it the bend and twist that makes it perfect for all kinds of apparel. The softer nature of merino wool means that it does not poke and scratch at the skin, so you can wear it with confidence--no uncomfortable itchiness. Only soft, luxurious comfort. Aran Stitching Aran stitching is a uniquely Irish artform, born in the Aran Islands at the mouth of Galway Bay. The different knitting stitches that form the different distinct patterns in the wool are inspired by generations of Aran fishermen, their families, and the history of their lives at sea. In our Aran Patchwork Wrap, you’ll find the traditional cable stitching, which represents the ropes that the fishermen used to haul in their catches, and signifies their hopes for safe voyages and good days at sea. The cable stitches are paired with trellis stitching, which evokes the stone-walled fields of the Northwestern farming communities in the upland areas of Ireland, where rock outcrops naturally or large stones exist in great quantities (like in the Aran Islands). The trellis stitch adds a gorgeous dimension to our wrap, and also serves as a symbol of protection. Fairy Tree In Ireland, the hawthorn tree is known as the “fairy tree,” said to mark the spots where fairies lived underground. If you dare to cut one down, watch out! Our gorgeous wrap prominently features a fairy tree as the centerpiece, created from the traditional Aran stitches that decorate and outline the edges. Keep your very own fairy tree for good luck! 

Product Features We Adore

Aran Patterns

Stunning cable and trellis stitching is prominent throughout!


Comes in two eye-catching colors!

100% Merino Wool

Soft, luxurious wool that is also warm and durable!

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