Aran Woollen Mills

Irish Men's Crew Neck Sweater


■ Knit from 100% pure merino wool, our Men's Irish Aran Crew Neck Sweaters is the softest garments you’ll keep in your wardrobe.

■ The Cable and Honeycomb Aran stitch patterns featured on this sweater are as stylish today as they were many centuries ago. 

■ The Crew Neck Design is simple yet versatile creating a one-of-a-kind garment that can be combined in many different looks

■ Since 1965, Carraig Donn has stood as one of Ireland’s most popular makers of fine woolen products for men and women. 



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Our Irish Men’s Crew Neck Sweater from Carraig Donn is a perennial favorite from a large range of men’s premium knitwear, and it is not hard to see why! Stylish and comfortable, this rugged sweater is knit from 100% merino wool. Its high-quality, extreme durability, and astounding comfort all combine to create a one-of-a-kind garment that is perfect for any adventurous man with a need for a versatile garment. The cable and honeycomb patterns add an eye-catching, yet subtle texture that ramps up the luxury and style factor, while at the same time paying homage to the timeless tradition of the classic Aran stitch.

Unlike other types of wool, merino’s softness is unparalleled. It is not scratchy like you might assume. And its fibers expand and contract according to the temperature, allowing air to flow more freely around your body, or locking heat in when need be. In short, you will never feel stifled or overheated when wearing this amazing garment. This is not your grandpa's wool sweater! Although it certainly pays its respects to the traditional Aran garments of generations past. Cable and honeycomb designs have been making their appearances in traditional Irish sweaters for centuries, having first made their appearance among the hardy coastal communities of the Aran Islands off Ireland’s northwestern shores. It is there that fishermen depended heavily on the tight knit of the woolen sweater to keep the harsh Atlantic elements at bay. It did not take long for the Aran stitch’s popularity to spread across the island, and eventually Europe. Today, the Aran sweater is still worn with pride by Irish men and women and enjoys popularity across the globe for its style and utility.

Made by Aran Woollen Mills, Carraig Donn, our Irish Men’s Crew Neck Sweater is a standout among the company’s full line of authentic Irishman’s clothing. Each piece the company ships is produced at one of its facilities around Ireland, and designed at the company headquarters in County Mayo. It is an Irish owned and Irish operated company, using materials sourced within the country. Its products are as authentically Irish as they come, and this sweater is no exception. If you have been looking for a versatile, stylish sweater for dressing up or down in for a wide variety of occasions, look no further! It makes a wonderful piece to wear over a button-down for formal events but is also durable enough to wear for a stroll through the forest. No matter where or how you choose to wear our Irish Men’s Crew Neck Sweater, we are confident you will fall in love with it, and will continue to wear it for many years to come. Its style is truly timeless, and the quality of merino woven by Aran Woollen Mills means it will look and feel like new for a very long time. If you don’t want to take our word for it, order one for yourself today and see what you have been missing.