Men's Sweater with Drawcords


■ This winter, stay warm like an Aran Islander in our modern classic Men’s Sweater with Drawcords!
■ The 100% Merino wool knit features intricate cable and diamond stitching that dates back to the 19th century. These patterns were thought to represent fishing ropes and wealth.
■ Available in classic white or in deep derby purple and sizes from XS through XXL, this handsome sweater complements any winter wardrobe.
■ The cozy turtleneck with drawcords adds a modern and sporty accent to the traditional sweater shape.
■ Keep your sweater looking brand new by washing it by hand in lukewarm water.

■ Use a gentle detergent. Dry flat.



Honor Irish tradition while staying warm this winter in our Men’s Merino Wool Sweater with Drawcords! The detailed knit patterns are reminiscent of classic Aran fisherman sweaters, which have been a vital part of Irish imagery for generations. Locals on the Aran Islands began knitting the iconic sweaters in the late 1800s to keep their fishermen warm and dry while working on their boats in the Atlantic. The thick and heavy knits added warmth to the sweaters, and the yarn they used was full of lanolin, an oily substance that is natural in untreated sheep’s wool. The lanolin made the sweater relatively waterproof and surprisingly useful protection against the rain and salt spray.

Typically, the Aran Islanders used undyed wool, making the classic sweaters a creamy white. Our turtleneck wool sweater is available in traditional white, or rich derby purple. Even the knitting patterns are a fresh take on tradition—many believe that different Aran sweater designs signify different things. The interlaced diamond stitches that decorate the front, sleeves and back of our men’s Irish sweater are thought to be a prayer for wealth. The lovely braided cables represent the heavy ropes used by the Aran fisherman. A turtleneck adorned with drawcord collar adds a modern touch and keeps the wearer extra warm.

100% Merino wool construction makes our beautiful sweater equally sturdy, soft, and warm. Ribbing at the wrists and waist are another classic detail that adds to the authenticity of this design. Made in Ireland by Aran Woollen Mills, this updated fisherman’s sweater will keep you warm and stylish all winter long!