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Men's Irish Aran Sweater

$67.90 - $92.90

■ Our Men’s Irish Aran Sweaters are available in natural white and Skiddaw colors.
■ The 100% worsted wool used in the making of this sweater is truly incredible. 
■ Since 1965, Aran Woollen Mills, formerly known as Carraig Donn has made a name for itself as one of Ireland’s preeminent manufacturers of fine woolen garments. 
■ The Aran stitch is a timeless, treasured design that has remained virtually unchanged for centuries, and is as popular as ever!



Our Men’s Irish Aran Sweater from Carraig Donn is the most iconic style of Aran Sweater. The symbolic blend of honeycomb and cable stitches in the traditional Aran knit patterns are believed to bring the wearer luck, success, and a strong work ethic. The sweater’s worsted wool, spun entirely in Ireland, is ultra-warm and durable, and is rugged enough to last you many years of constant rigorous use. And even better, this Aran sweater is a wonderful piece for wearing to a wide variety of occasions, so you can dress up or down in this without worrying about appearing over or underdressed and you will also feel very comfortable. Never worry about the sweater getting too hot, stretching out, or fading. The quality built into this sturdy sweater is something that will continually impress you for as long as you own it.

Pair this wonderful sweater with any favorite cold weather outfit, or use it has a hardy, soft outer layer when the temperatures become frigid and the winds become too chilly, just like the adventurous Irish fishermen of days gone by. It was among the Aran Islands off Ireland’s northwestern coast that the Aran stitch first came to be, as it was relied upon heavily by fishermen who needed the tight, thick wool sweaters to keep the cruel Atlantic elements at bay. It did not take long for the popularity of the Aran stitch to spread, and soon many variations such as the cable and honeycomb patterns seen in our sweater began to make an appearance as well. It is truly amazing that after nearly two centuries, the Aran sweater is just as popular, if not moreso, today than it was all those years ago. Loved for its style and utility, it is a versatile and inspiring piece of clothing that men and women everywhere can enjoy.

And speaking of clothing everyone loves, Aran Woollen Mills, formerly known as Carraig Donn has been perfecting the art since 1965. Each product the company designs beings its life at the Carraig Donn headquarters in County Mayo before it is designed by one of its specially trained craftspeople who are committed to maintaining the standard of excellence the company has become known for. If you have been looking for a quality Aran garment that is 100% authentically Irish, this is it. Our Men’s Irish Aran Sweater is the perfect place to begin building your Aran collection, and it makes a fine addition to the Aran wool garments you already own. Either way, this piece will make a wonderful addition to your fall and winter wardrobe that you will not want to live without.