Aran Woollen Mills

Men's Irish Traditional Aran Wool Pullover Sweater


■ Irish sweater for men, the ideal garment for the cold season, but it can be worn all year round 
■ Made with 100% Supersoft Merino Wool, which is warm and soft, guaranteeing to keep you comfortable all day long 
■ Designed in the style of traditional Irish Aran sweaters, featuring Aran patterns in the middle, in combination with cable stitches 
■ Please only hand wash in cold water, using a gentle detergent or wool-specific products, and dry on a flat surface



Cherish your Irish heritage with this stunning Men's Irish Traditional Aran Wool Pullover Sweater. Made as a homage to the traditional Aran sweater, this piece features authentic knit patterns, combining traditional Aran patterns with cable stitches. The cable is by far the most popular stitch pattern, resembling the nets and ropes of the fishermen and symbolizing a wish for good fortune.

Besides that, our sweater also guarantees to become your favorite pick during the cold season. It is made of 100% Supersoft Merino wool, which is an upgraded version of regular wool, lacking its usual itchiness. It is soft on the skin, with a pleasant texture to the touch. Its balance of warmth and breathability guarantees the ultimate all-day comfort. In order to take the best care of your sweater, please only hand wash it in cold water, using gentle detergent. Allow it to air dry flat in order to avoid wrinkles.