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Belleek Classic House Blessing Wreath

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  • The 24-carat gold lettering is the most outstanding and conspicuous feature of the beautiful blessing wreath
  • The natural wreath detail is a lovely artistic impression of genius and uniqueness, making the product to stand out
  • The hand-painted clover design gives this fantastic masterpiece a connection to the rich and vast religious history of Ireland
  • The classic house blessing wreath is intricately embossed with the hands of the most experienced and skilled craftsman
  • The marvelous piece adequately measures 6.25 inches in diameter, enough to be perfectly displayed in the house


Manufacturer: Belleek China

Thousands of people who prophase the Christian faith, especially in Ireland appreciate, value, and respect the values of their faith, maintaining and practicing what their faith entails, details, and expects of them. One of the most revered, honored, and observed tools of faith is prayer and supplication, which is at the core of Christianity. There are several objects and artifacts that Christians use for supplication and prayer, a majority being Catholics. One of the most common artifacts are wreaths, which you can comfortably display the house or office. Our beautiful yet straightforward Belleek Classic House Blessing Wreath is a welcome addition to any home.
Featuring a simple, yet humble religious message displayed, "Bless My House," the blessing wreath is an ideal gift to friends or loved ones, befitting any occasion. The wreath as a gift means that you are thoughtful, considerate, and prayerful to your beloved ones. You can also buy this magnificent priceless artifact to proudly display in your home, to add splendor and class while at the same time prophesying blessings upon your household.
The beautiful piece of art is carefully and intricately hand-crafted to perfection. Every detail is a representation of class and beauty.
Finely embossed detailing on the marvelous wreath brings the piece a naturally-looking texture that is outstanding. The smooth, elegant and delicate surface across the front is embellished with an incredible 24-carat gold lettering, allowing it to shine in any light. The impressive lettering brings out the intended message for all to appreciate.
The wreath is also featuring the Parian Wreath Ceramic, which is intricately designed to resemble marble sculpture in a natural wreath shape.
On the sides of the beautiful wreath are hand painted shamrock accents, which offer yet another symbol of good luck to this charming piece. The shamrock symbol is widely and popularly used across Ireland, and is essentially part and parcel of the Irish national icons. The iconic symbol also has hits roots in Ireland's highly religious past and was initially used by the country's Christian pioneers. The influence of the symbol is felt up to date, and currently has global recognition and use by millions of Christians.
Our classic House Blessing Wreath is another exceptional product from the masters and leaders in the pottery and fine china manufacturers- Belleek. The firm, regarded as the oldest of its kind in Ireland, has astonishingly set and maintained standards of manufacturing and production of fine china and pottery throughout its existence.
Belleek is renown for its remarkable history, unique and exquisite products that have incredibly received recognition from the royalty, including Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Belleek employs an experienced, skilled, and professional artisans and craftsmen that have helped it retain the status of a highly prestigious and reputable firm of fine china and pottery throughout the years.
The designers of the house blessing wreath have embraced religion, history, and class to produce this marvelous piece of art that is a blessing to many.

Product Features We Adore

24 Carat Gold Lettering

Adds undeniable refinement to the simple blessing

Parian Wreath Ceramic

Designed to resemble marble sculpture in a natural wreath shape

Hand-Painted Shamrock Design

Ireland's national symbol in rich color and delicate brush strokes

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