Belleek Harp Shamrock Tea for One

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  • Hand-painted Shamrock motif- comprising of Ireland’s national symbol in vibrant color and delicate brush strokes that bring out the designer’s imagination to the fore, a piece of art to embrace
  • Embossed seashell finish- the exquisite unique finishing gives the harp an excellent touch that makes it stand out from any other harp, easy to pick out from a crowd
  • Hand wash only- the feature enables one to take the utmost care when handling the product, saving the delicate harp from mishandling when using any other form of cleaning
  • Standard harp measurements- the harp measures approximately 6 inches in length by 6.5 inches in width and 5.25-inch height, giving you satisfaction as you sip your tea or coffee
  • Teapot and cup combo - this is the perfect set of combinations for a single cuppa, ensuring that you enjoy your cup of tea or coffee


Manufacturer: Belleek China

For tea or coffee lovers, check out our incredible little marvel, the Belleek Harp Shamrock tea for one which combines the age-old Irish traditions, with art precision and ultimate satisfaction when in use. Capping the demonstration of the rich Irish tradition on the harp is the fact that our product comes from one of the industries leaders and icon in pottery and porcelain manufacture in Ireland, revered the world over- Belleek Pottery. Located in County Fermanagh, Belleek started has been in operation since 1846, qualifying as the oldest beautiful china pottery in Ireland. One line of products that the company has maintained since its inception is the manufacture of exquisite Parian porcelain, under which our little marvelous Belleek Harp Shamrock Tea for One falls. The company prides itself in the production of exclusive, genuine, and classy rare products, which are common all over the world. Our product checks all the boxes of authenticity and glamor, and it passes as a treasure and useful gift or present for yourself. For when you want to take your time preparing your cupper tea in the proper procedure, out teapot and cup combination is the ideal arrangement for your utmost satisfaction. There is no better way to be in tandem with the Irish culture and age-old tradition than with our great and little marvel, Belleek Harp Shamrock Tea for One. Our small harp is a representation of the pride of Ireland, and it comprises of three of Irelands National Symbols in this single piece of tableware. The Irish history is vast and is usually kept alive by representing it in artifacts, jewelry, and porcelain, and our Belleek Harp has demonstrated the Irish heritage with pride. Incredibly, the Harp Shamrock collection was designed and created under the care and genius of Frederick Slater in the 1880s. On his mind during the creation of the harp was to represent Ireland's musical, historic and seafaring traditional practices. Our harps design has involved intricate artistry to precision to result in the final exceptional product. The beautiful handle and lid harp design brings out an elegant nod to Ireland’s musical tradition and seafaring culture, perfectly crafted to leave a lasting impression on anyone checking it out. 

Product Features We Adore

Harp & Shell Detail

An elegant nod to Ireland's musical tradition and seafaring culture

Teapot & Cup Combo

The perfect set for a single cuppa

Hand-Painted Shamrock Design

Ireland's national symbol in rich color and delicate brush strokes

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