Mother’s day can be traced to Medieval times. The kids of low-income families were sent to work as servants and apprentices in rich homes. Every year during the middle of Lent, kids were given a day to visit their “Mother Church” and worship the Virgin Mary as the Mother of Christ.

After doing this they would visit their Mothers and give them some hand-picked flowers. The practice was no longer done in the late 1700s but it was revived in the United States after WWII.

It is celebrated much the same way today with flowers, gifts, and a special meal. Some of the most popular Mother’s Day traditions in the United States include:

  • Mom gets breakfast in bed.
  • Mom might get to pick her favorite restaurant and go eat there.
  • Dad might take over things like changing diapers.
  • A trip to see a movie was considered a great gift at one time.
  • Moms might get together and have coffee and catch up.
  • Kids might wear their nicest church clothes.
  • They might say “Happy Mother’s Day” by saying “Beannachtai lá na mathair do gach einne.”




In April 2017, to mark Mother’s Day, Ireland’s Central Statistics Office released some fascinating facts and figures about Irish Mammies and their offspring. Per the 2011 Census, there were 1,106,594 mothers in Ireland, of which 805,235 were still living with a child as part of a family unit. There were 419,682 mothers working outside the home and 219,347 mothers at home looking after the family.

First-time mothers are getting older. The average age of a first-time mother increased from 27.4 in 2000 to 30.7 years old in 2015. The average age of all mothers has also increased from 30.2 years in 2000 to 32.5 in 2015. There were 3,978 babies registered to women between 40 and 44 years in 2015 while a further 224 babies were registered to women 45 and older.

Large families have not completely disappeared in Ireland. There were 64,248 families with 4 or more children, 16,646 families with 5 or more children of which 4,845 families had 6 or more children. Donegal, Cavan, and Monaghan had the largest families with 2.19 children per family on average.




Silver Claddagh and Trinity Knot Necklace


This stunning sterling silver necklace combines two of Ireland’s most famous design elements, the Claddagh and the Trinity knot, to form a spectacular piece of Celtic jewelry that references Irish heritage while remaining a completely contemporary accessory. Perfect for Mother’s Day, the Claddagh represents the triplicity of friendship, love, and loyalty, symbolized by the hands, heart, and crown. The additional use of the Trinity knot, one of Ireland’s most recognizable symbols, only adds to the sense of place inherent in a beautiful piece of jewelry such as this.


Traditional Look Irish Leather Large Tote


This lightweight large tote from Carraig Donn is as attractive as it is practical. Made from a gorgeous rich brown leather and a soft gray tweed, this bag measures 12” by 13” and features two stitched leather handles to make it easy to carry. The best part is the convenient big zip compartment on the inside as well as several zipped pockets in the bag’s exterior.


Irish Aran Cowl Cape



A popular bestseller, this lovely cape will bring chic sophistication to any look! The soft 100% Merino wool is plush, luxurious, and warm. The cable, diamond, and trellis patterns are Irish knitwear design classics that originated on the remote Aran Islands in the 20th century and have since become a staple of Irish sweater making. The patchwork pattern of the cowl cape adds a wonderful depth and texture to the sweater. This cute number is sure to become a cold-weather staple in your closet!


Set of Four Mini Bud Vases



This lovely porcelain set of four mini vases from Belleek Pottery is a beautiful showcase of Irish pride and wonderful design. Known as Queen Victoria’s favorite china company, Belleek was founded in 1849 in County Fermanagh, and it has been creating exquisite pieces of china pottery ever since. This mini vase set includes a Mini Connemara Vase, Mini Colleen Vase, Mini Footed Vase, and a Mini Square Vase. All of the vases feature ornate embossed patterns and hand-painted shamrock flowers, with each vase crafted in its own distinct shape that includes a unique brim pattern finish. This vase set makes a fantastic gift for a housewarming party, birthday, or holiday.


Inis Energy of the Sea Cologne Spray



Creating delectable fragrances since 1998, Inis continues to carry on its tradition of getting inspiration from the amazing lands of Ireland with the Energy of the Sea cologne spray. This perfume is inspired by the breathtaking views and energy of the wild western coast of Ireland and includes notes of lily of the valley, sandalwood, and clove. Fully Irish inside and out, this fragrance will make a lovely gift for someone who loves to be reminded of the beautiful nature in Ireland!




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