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Earl Grey and Primrose Irish Botanicals Perfume


■ The combination of the invigorating Earl Grey scent and the delicate and sweet Primrose fragrance creates a delightful and unique atmosphere. 
■ Our Cologne perfume is in a compact and practical spray bottle, with a volume of 1.01 fl. 0z., convenient for personal use.
■ This perfume is manufactured in Ireland by Irish Botanicals showing a commitment to quality, using natural ingredients.
■ A unique Irish gift that comes packed in a charming box, in a design depicting a Celtic peacock, on a bold blue background.


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As the warm season is approaching, be prepared to feel more energized and fresh. Our Cologne Perfume with Earl Grey and Primrose is the perfect scent for spring or summer, with a zesty and fresh smell that will turn all the heads.

Our perfume was made in Ireland, by Irish Botanicals, through an environmentally friendly process. The formula is free of parabens and harsh chemicals.

The 30 ml bottle can be easily carried around in your purse or car, for whenever you need to freshen up. It comes packed in a charming box, in a design depicting peacock feathers, on a bold blue background.