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Claddagh Unity Candle Holder


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■ Mullingar Pewter is one of Ireland’s most renowned brands for fine giftware, and one of the few workshops that has revitalized the old pewter casting methods.

■ The Claddagh design that our candle holder features is one of Ireland’s oldest and most iconic symbols of love, loyalty and friendship.

■ The durable nature of pewter ensures this Unity Candle Holder will look like new for generations, and it will look beautiful atop any desk, shelf or dresser.

■ For couples looking to add some Celtic themes to their special day, there is no better option than our Claddagh Unity Candle Holder.


Incorporate beautiful symbolism and tradition into your intimate nuptials with our stunning Claddagh Unity Candle Holder from Mullingar Pewter. Handcrafted by the exceptionally skilled artisans of Mullingar in Ireland, our pewter candle holder includes a center pillar candle holder that is adorned with the iconic Irish Claddagh, and is perfect for a wedding unity candle ceremony.

On each side of the center holder is a smaller side candle holder, giving the entire set a broad 9 inch width that makes it easy to display virtually anywhere in your home. Whether you intend to keep this on your dresser, shelf, or a side table, our Claddagh Unity Candle Holder will add just the right amount of Celtic charm to any room, while at the same time serving as a constant reminder for your unbreakable love. The piece is painstakingly handcrafted from 100% pure pewter sourced in Ireland and carefully shaped by the loving hands of Mullingar’s craftspeople. Additionally, each piece passes through the hands of numerous craftspeople, each adding their own special artistic touch and thus making each Claddagh Unity Candle Holder a one-of-a-kind piece. And better yet, the resilience and strength of pewter ensures it will not lose its luster or new appearance for decades to come, a further symbol of the undying love between you and your partner.

It is widely held that the Claddagh was first introduced to Ireland during the late 17th century by a silversmith named Richard Joyce who lived in County Galway, in the village of Claddagh. The design’s popularity throughout the island spread quickly, and it became a popular feature on engagement rings. However, it was also used in necklaces and bracelets, which were shared between close friends as a symbol of undying friendship. Mothers sometimes gave their coming-of-age daughters Claddagh-inspired jewelry as well. Since the days of Joyce, the Claddagh has enjoyed a revival in world-wide popularity, although it is firmly understood to be a Celtic symbol. We are very fortunate that Ireland’s jewelers and giftware manufacturers feel as strongly as we do about paying homage to the proud tradition of the Claddagh’s symbolism and beautiful, timeless design.

Since 1974, Mullingar Pewter has stood as one of Ireland’s greatest producers of pewter giftware and specialty items. Although the Irish have been crafting pewter utensils for nearly a thousand years, the method was lost for many centuries until its revival in the 12th century. At this time however, pewter items were only available to the wealthy upper classes, who used it to decorate the dining tables of their castle halls. Mullingar has played a major role in revitalizing the popular use of fine pewter items as they were originally made all those hundreds of years ago. The craftsmanship possessed by Mullingar’s craftsmen takes years to master, and strictly follows old casting methods and meticulous assembly and hand finishing. The result is something truly special that hundreds of our customers have been lucky enough to enjoy, and we could not be more excited to offer one of Mullingar’s most beautiful and popular items.

With wedding season upon us, we are thrilled to offer this unparalleled pewter candle holder that is absolutely perfect for any couple looking to add a Celtic touch to their special day. With free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States, you will receive your Claddagh Unity Candle Holder in no time at all, ensuring it will be available before your wedding day. Please do not delay in placing your order today before we run out of stock! Please note, our Claddagh Unity Candle Holder does not include candles.