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Celtic Candlestick Set


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■ Mullingar Pewter is one of Ireland’s most renowned brands for fine giftware, and one of the few workshops that has revitalized the old pewter casting methods.

■ Unlike silver or other precious metals, pewter never dulls and requires no polishing or special upkeep. It will look just like new for many decades to come.

■ Our special Celtic Candlestick Holders are the perfect finishing touch to any Irish-themed wedding, or for any couple looking to pay homage to their Celtic roots.

■ Each candlestick holder in this set features intricate, handmade designs reminiscent of those found on ancient Celtic monuments and rock carvings.

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Honor your Celtic roots as you say “I do!” on your wedding day with our exceptionally beautiful Celtic Candlestick Holder Set (candles not included). Handcrafted in Ireland by Mullingar Pewter’s team of skilled pewter artisans, our set features one center pillar candle holder that can serve as a unity candle at a wedding, and two side candle holders that complement it perfectly. Made from pure, luminous pewter that is lead-free, each candle holder shows off an ornate display of Celtic designs and patterns that pay homage to the rich, vibrant history of the ancient Celts. Not only will this gorgeous candlestick holder set make a great memento for any newlywed couple, these wonderful pieces will be cherished forever as an important family heirloom that brought two people together. What is perhaps most special about pewter is the fact that it will look new for many decades, regardless of what kind of environment you choose to keep them in. Just like the love you have for your partner, these candlestick holders will remain vibrant and beautiful for as long as you live.

The larger candlestick holder which holds up the unity candle features a traditional circular base that gently narrows and curves upward, leading into a larger space where the intricate Celtic designs encircle the rest of the piece. The handmade design includes animals and natural motifs reminiscent of those found on ancient Celtic monuments throughout history. Each of the smaller candlestick holders are similar in shape to the unity candle holder, but feature intricate Celtic knotwork that has long served as a symbol of the interconnectedness of life, making it a perfect fit for these exceptionally made pewter pieces.

Historically speaking, the Claddagh is one of the oldest and most iconic symbols of love, loyalty, and friendship. First appearing in ancient Rome, an early version of the Claddagh symbolized the forming of an unbreakable pact or promise. As the Claddagh’s popularity spread, the same treasured symbolism began to make its way into other types of products such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, and more. Today, we are very fortunate to see its use across many of Mullingar Pewter’s products, including our beautiful Celtic Candlestick Set that has already become a special favorite for hundreds of our customers.

Since 1974, Mullingar Pewter has stood as one of Ireland’s greatest producers of pewter giftware and specialty items. Although the Irish have been crafting pewter utensils for nearly a thousand years, the method was lost for many centuries until its revival in the 12th century. At this time however, pewter items were only available to the wealthy upper classes, who used it to decorate the dining tables of their castle halls. Mullingar has played a major role in revitalizing the popular use of fine pewter items as they were originally made all those hundreds of years ago. The craftsmanship possessed by Mullingars craftsmen takes years to master, and strictly follows old casting methods and meticulous assembly and hand finishing.

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