Claddagh Wedding Unity Candlestick Holder Set


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■ Mullingar Pewter is one of Ireland’s most renowned brands for fine giftware, and one of the few workshops that has revitalized the old pewter casting methods.
■ Each Cladding Wedding Unity Candlestick Holder Set includes a large, center candlestick holder for the unity candle, and two narrower candlesticks.
■ These candlestick holders are 100% handmade in Ireland at the Mullingar workshop in County Westmeath. They are very unique, special items!
■ The Claddagh is an iconic symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship that has been in use in Ireland for many generations.


Create an atmosphere of love, loyalty, and friendship at your wedding ceremony with our beautiful Claddagh Wedding Unity Candlestick Holder Set. Handcrafted in Ireland by the world-renowned Mullingar Pewter brand, this set includes one center pillar candle holder, which is perfect for holding a unity candle at a wedding, and two side candle holders (candles are not included). Adorning the center of each glimmering piece is the Irish Claddagh that features two hands of friendship grasping a heart of love that is decorated with a crown signifying loyalty. These elegant pewter candle holders are lead-free, and boast a polished finish that makes them a special Irish heirloom set that will be cherished forever.

The center pillar candlestick features a slender, conical design that narrows up towards the wide base that is shaped around the iconic Claddagh design. Each of the other two narrower candlesticks also feature intricate Claddagh designs around each of their bases, and widen into a soft round base. As with everything designed and created by Mullingar, our very special candlesticks are carefully handmade by over a dozen craftspeople who work at the company’s workshop in County Westmeath. Each adds their own bit of artistic expertise, and adhere to strict guidelines that have been passed down from generation to generation. The meticulousness that is poured into our Claddagh Wedding Candlestick Holder Set is hard to put into words, as there are simply so few companies in operation that give as much time and attention to their handmade wares.

Historically speaking, the Claddagh is one of the oldest and most iconic symbols of love, loyalty, and friendship. First appearing in ancient Rome, an early version of the Claddagh symbolized the forming of an unbreakable pact or promise. As the Claddagh’s popularity spread, the same treasured symbolism began to make its way into other types of products such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants, rings, and more. Today, we are very fortunate to see its use across many of Mullingar Pewter’s products.

Since 1974, Mullingar Pewter has stood as one of Ireland’s greatest producers of pewter giftware and specialty items. Although the Irish have been crafting pewter utensils for nearly a thousand years, the method was lost for many centuries until its revival in the 12th century. At this time however, pewter items were only available to the wealthy upper classes, who used it to decorate the dining tables of their castle halls. Mullingar has played a major role in revitalizing the popular use of fine pewter items as they were originally made all those hundreds of years ago. The craftsmanship possessed by Mullingars craftsmen takes years to master, and strictly follows old casting methods and meticulous assembly and hand finishing. Our exquisite Cladding Wedding Unity Candlestick Holder Set is just as delightful to look at as any of the other fine products shipped by Mullingar, and we are extremely confident these candlesticks will become treasured keepsakes and family heirlooms for generations to come.

Absolutely do not delay in ordering your candlestick set today, as they are very popular (as all Mullingar Pewter items are) and generally sell through quickly. Restocking may take some time so please hurry! We are pleased to offer free 3-day shipping anywhere in the United States when you place your order for these, ensuring you receive these just in time to give as a wonderful gift to the newly wed couple in your life, or perhaps even for your own wedding!