Isle of Skye Candles Co

Scottish Bluebell Miniature Handmade Candle


■ Made of 100% natural soy wax that burns slower and cleaner than other wax 
■ Fills your home with a floral scent that is reminiscent of the wild Scottish forests 
■ This bluebell candle has a burning time of up to 20 hours 
■ Comes in a small tumble jar that is reusable 
■ Charming packaging that is artistically inspired by the Scottish bluebell 



Add a touch of freshness to your home with a Scottish candle. Our candle is made with high quality soy wax that is natural and burns slower and cleaner than other wax types. A true awakening of senses, this unique candle is inspired by the wild Scottish forests. The delicate bluebell scent features musky undertones with rich top notes of galbanum and jasmine. The candle burns for up to 20 hours and comes in a small glass that can be reused after the wax melts. Our candle is capable of creating an authentic atmosphere in every environment.