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Raspberry and White Ginger Natural Wax Candle


■ Our candle is made of Natural Soy Wax, a high-quality wax that makes the candle last around 45 hours and fills your room with aromatic fragrances. 
■ The candle has a fruity fragrance combining the sweet aromas of raspberry, white ginger, and cinnamon, all well-balanced with a delicious vanilla scent. 
■ This refined candle is placed in a reusable straight-side tumbler jar made of non-flammable and non-porous glass.
■ The candle is a culturally-inspired piece that features a Scottish calming blend of aromas which offer the candle aromatherapy properties, helping you relax and meditate. 
■ Our candle comes in a rich-colored opulent package, being a great gift for anyone who likes meditation and wants to be reminded of their heritage. 

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This exquisite candle is made of high-quality soy wax, a natural material produced from vegetable soybeans. Soy wax candles have a longer lifespan than paraffin candles, with an extended life of approximately 45 hours. The delicious blend of scents is sure to fill your room with aromatic fragrances and help you relax, meditate, and contemplate. Our Scottish Candle features a fruity fragrance and combines several Scottish aromas: raspberry, white ginger, cinnamon, and a perfectly balanced addition of vanilla. This luxurious candle is the ideal scent for those who prefer a fruity, gentle, and comforting scent. A great way to relax, calm down, and relieve your stress at the end of an exhausting day, the amazing blend has aromatherapy properties. Classic and stylish, the candle comes in a straight-side tumbler jar made of glass. The jar has non-flammable and non-porous properties, making it safe and practical to use. Apart from that, the tumbler jar can be safely reused. Last but not least, our candle comes in a rich color packaging that adds a sense of opulence and makes it a great Scottish-inspired gift idea for anyone who loves aesthetic meditation sessions and aromatic candles.