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Lavender Natural Wax Large Candle


■ Scented candle, handmade in Scotland from 100% natural soy wax
■ Natural irresistible scent of lavender - has calming and relaxing effects
■ Total burn time: approximately 45 hours
■ Comes in a large tumbler that can be reused


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Put on some music, pour a glass of wine, and light up our Lavender Natural Wax Large Candle for the perfect night in! This charming scented candle can either be a much-deserved treat for yourself or a thoughtful gift for a dear one.
Our Scottish candle was handmade with care and love, from 100% natural soy wax, making it environmentally friendly. The fragrance is a classic - the smell of fresh lavender will fill your home and help you relax with its calming properties. Lavender is well known and appreciated for being a natural cure for anxiety and stress. Its smell can relax certain muscles.

The approximate burn time is 45 hours. The candle comes in reusable glass and, together they weigh 580 g on average.