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Heather and Wild Berries Scottish Candle


■ Perfect gift, handmade in Scotland, crafted from 100% natural soy wax 
■ Charming scent - heather and wild berries fragrance 
■ Total burn time: approximately 45 hours 
■ Comes in a large glass vessels that can be reused 


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Fill your home with the sweet scent of a summer day in the Scottish Highlands with our Heather and Wild Berries Scottish Candle!

This charming scented candle is a perfect treat for yourself or a lovely gift to make. It allows you to enjoy a moment of relaxation and create a much-craved cozy atmosphere in your home, after a long day. Our fragrance is a mix of blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries that will immediately transport you to an endless green field right in the heart of Scotland! The sweet scent will fill the room without being overpowering. The total burn time of the candle is approximately 45 hours.

Our candle was hand-made of natural soy wax, making it environmentally friendly. It comes in a glass that can be reused as you please.