Sterling Silver Claddagh Trinity Knot Pendant on a Chain


■ Made of Sterling Silver, the pendant preserves its durability and shine.

■ Featuring a Claddagh motif crowned by a Trinity Knot, the jewelry is a token of love, friendship, and loyalty.

■ The pendant is 11/8 inches (29 mm) in height, ½ inches (13 mm) in width and comes with an 18 inches long Rolo chain.

■ Designed and crafted in Ireland by Solvar Ltd, a much-loved company based in the heart of Dublin.

■ Recommended to keep in dry, enclosed spaces to avoid oxidation. 


Show off your cultural background with this dazzling sterling silver pendant. Elegantly designed in Ireland by Solvar Ltd, this gorgeous pendant features the traditional Irish Claddagh motif and a Trinity knot cleverly interwoven into the design. The traditional Irish Claddagh is a symbol of friendship, love, and loyalty, while the Trinity knot is a representation of the three fundamental forces that govern our nature: earth, air, and water. Just as dazzling as fine silver, the pendant is much more durable due to the addition of metal alloys. Measuring 11/8 inches in height and ½ inches in width, the pendant comes with an exquisite Rolo chain. Shiny, lasting, and suitable for day-to-day use, the Sterling Silver Claddagh Trinity Knot Pendant becomes the perfect Irish-inspired gift for a loved one.

Chain Height (Inches) Width (Inches) Height (Mm) Width (Mm)
 18'' STERLING SILVER ROLO 1 1/8   1/2 29 13