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Cable Knit Sweater Coat

Out of stock
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  • Our sophisticated yet straightforward sweater comes with some incredible features with every purchase, and you are guaranteed authenticity, class, and uniqueness. 
  • The coat comes from 100% Merino, which is smooth and soft on touch, providing both comfort and warmth.
  • The inclusion of the Aran patterns that is a pride of Ireland gives the sweater an authentic and unique warm look.
  • The sweater comes in a variety of sizes from S to XL, for you to select your perfect fit to wear in the cold season comfortably.
  • The front pockets provide comfort and offer a stylish look, giving you a classy look, helping you stand out from the crowd.


Manufacturer: Boyne Valley Knitwear

There are many outfits designed for the cold chilly spells to keep us warm. Ladies, especially, will not go just for any cloth with the prospect of keeping warm. But prefer outfits that are stylish, chic, cute and brings out the best in them. The preference of ladies to stay trendy and classy is what has resulted in the emergence of some masterpieces that are absolutely marvelous, comfy, and super warm. Our cable Knit Sweater falls in the category of the flattering, gorgeous, and beautiful winter wears you will find anywhere. Carraig Donn Carraig Donn has perfected the craftsmanship of coming up with elegant, unique, and exquisite winter wears. They have made us fall in love with winter, thanks to their lovely knits known the world over. All of their knitwear is beautiful, but there's something about this elegant cable knit sweater coat that is special. Carraig Donn is a household name in the garment industry, a brand that is identifiable as a trendsetter globally. The company has retained the top spot in the design and manufacture of exquisite winter wears for decades now, and they do not seem to be stopping anytime soon. Their conception of the beautiful cable knit sweater is no exemption from their trend of producing sleek, classy, and trendy outfits. Design, style, and patterns Our gorgeous sweater comes from 100% pure Merino, that is soft and smooth on touch, the perfect luxurious texture to offer you comfort and warmth from the cold. The intricate plaited Aran pattern on the front of the sweater acts as a vertical stripe that flatters every figure. The inclusion of the deep patch pockets is both pretty and pragmatic, ensuring that you remain stylish and warm throughout the cold season. The full, flared collar is anchored by hardwood buttons, intricately designed to give the sweater a standout and unique, impressive look. The designers left nothing to chance in the style of the coat, which is an exclusive product that enhances your features, giving you comfort, and helping you stay warm, preferred winter wear. Our beautiful sweater is the perfect "get up and go" outfit that instantly dresses up with any outfit. You can comfortably dress up in the coat for any occasion, whether a casual or official event, whether indoors or outdoors. The sweater will be a perfect addition to your winter wear collection and can also serve as a gift to a loved one. 

Product Features We Adore

Front Pockets

Deep pockets perfect for those colder days!

Aran Pattern

Stunning plaited pattern on the front of the sweater!

100% Merino Wool

Making this sweater warm luxurious and durable!

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