Chunky Collar Buttoned Irish Aran Coat


■ A stylish, chunky-knit collar gives this otherwise traditionally-shaped Aran cardigan a fun and modern twist. 
■ Three large, retro-style buttons allow this jacket to be worn either open or closed.

They’re convenient, sturdy, and cute as can be, to boot! 
■ This Aran jacket is made from pure, 100% Irish merino sheep’s wool, meaning it’s at once warm, lightweight, and kind to even the most sensitive of skin types. 
■ Traditional Aran cable stitching imbues this jacket with a sense of old-world symbolism. This particular pattern was created to echo the look of the ropes used by the Island fishermen while at sea! 
■ Adding to the authenticity of this gorgeous piece is the fact that it was hand-made in Ireland by a team of real Irish craftsmen. It simply doesn’t get more genuine than this!



For as long as the Irish nation and people have existed, they have been known all over the world as creators of unique, beautiful goods whose influence spreads far beyond that tiny island on Europe’s western edge. Now, you can wear one of the country’s most famous creations with you wherever you go with this stunning knit coat, made in Ireland in the style of the traditional Aran Island sweater. Classic and yet delightfully modernized with small, simple measures, it’s a piece that you’ll love to reach for time after time, year after year!

Invented in the late 1890s to early 1900s, the Aran Island sweater was originally designed and created for practicality rather than style, with thick, woolen fibers closely-knitted to keep warmth in and cold, moist Atlantic air out. This was because the garments were primarily worn by the outdoor workers of the islands, such as farmers, builders, and fishermen.

Nowadays, of course, Aran knit products are less essential for such environments, though their high quality and sturdy fabrics continue to make them ideal garments for outdoor activities. This particular Aran knit coat is made entirely from pure Irish soft merino wool, a material that’s as soft as it is warm and insulating. Thanks to the natural, organic nature of the fibers, however, it’s also lightweight and breathable, making it an idea choice for wearing over lighter ensembles during the warmer months. And, as if it couldn’t get any better, it’s also hypoallergenic and non-irritating -- so you can wear it all day, every day, no matter how sensitive your skin might be.

This gorgeous Aran knit coat beautifully showcases some of the most traditional stitch patterns of the islands, including the cable stitch. This pattern was originally developed as a symbol of luck and protection for the island fishermen, who worked long, often treacherous hours out on the open sea. On close inspection, you’ll notice that the stitch itself is actually highly evocative of the appearance of a fisherman’s rope -- something we can promise is far from a coincidence!

The chunky, asymmetrical collar and top-closure buttons give this jacket a fun, modern look that charmingly counterbalances the vintage element of the material and stitching. It looks fantastic with any outfit, be it a dress or simply a shirt and jeans, with its three-quarter length allowing it to hit around the knee for most women. Whether you choose to dress it up or down, you’ll just love the special touch of Irish flair it lends to any outfit!

Stylish yet practical, this collar merino Aran coat is a fantastic purchase as a treat for yourself, and also makes a comfy and stylish alternative gift for any woman or girl in your life with a special place in her heart for the rich history and cultural heritage of the Emerald Isle. Surprise her with it for Christmas, a birthday, or even “just because” -- no matter what, she’s guaranteed to fall every bit as in love with it as we are here, and treasure it for many a long and happy year to come!