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Hanna Hats Vintage Cap Linen - Navy

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  • Made out sterling silver, one of the most beautiful, stunning, and beautiful metals that is durable and outstanding
  • The round white Swarovski crystals embedded in the design of the necklace are a center of attraction to the lovely piece
  • The outstanding chain is an 18’’ sterling silver belcher with a bolt ring catch, a remarkable, genuine and unique piece of art
  • The design of the necklace embraces the rich and vast Irish traditions and cultural heritage by the use of the intricate Claddagh design
  • The necklace is a product of the magnificent ShanOre Jewelry, a leading ornaments manufacturing firm in Ireland


Manufacturer: Hanna Hats

There are a lot of things that will get any lady's attention and touch their heart, and one of them is a stunning, beautiful necklace. Necklaces come in different, unique, and exquisite designs and styles. A lady's wardrobe never misses a beautiful pendant to accessorize and match their look. A beautiful necklace will stand out even from a crowd and is noticeable from a distance. Some of the lovely pieces of ornaments are incredibly reasonably priced, making them an affordable accessory. As a gift, a necklace is an affordable, fantastic, yet straightforward item that any lady will quickly fall in love with and appreciate. Our Celtic Claddagh Necklace encrusted with Swarovski Crystals fits the bill for the ultimate standout, unique and majestic jewelry.
The beautiful Claddagh necklace is designed to impress and stand out. ShanOre Jewelry, a leading, renown, and well-established ornament manufacturing and production company in Ireland, is the source of the lovely Claddagh necklace.
Our fabulous necklace is a product of genius craftsmanship, intricate design, and precision to detail. Every ounce and inch of the excellent piece of art spells perfection, a product of the dedication, skill, and experience of ShanOre Jewelry artisans.
At the center of the necklace and clearly and elaborately displayed is the remarkable Claddagh symbol. The symbol, part of the Irish heritage, is renowned widely in Ireland And has been around for centuries. The Claddagh symbol is an embodiment of friendship celebrated as a universal message of fidelity, love, and harmony all over the world. Two hands of friendship hold a heart representing love. Atop the heart is an adorning crown which symbolizes loyalty and eternal friendship.
The touching symbol is the centerpiece of our lovely necklace. The emblem, displayed at the bottom of a silver circle, the top half embellished with radiant white Swarovski crystal is a genius piece of art. The exquisite circle is encircled by another of sterling silver that boasts an elaborate braided knot pattern. The intertwined design on this outer circle is an illustration of the braided Celtic knot, which signifies eternal love.
The intricate design of our lovely pendant makes it an enchanting piece, both in beauty and significance, to the Irish people and many people across the world.
Fitted on an 18’’-inch sterling silver chain, the breathtaking pendant necklace will make an ideal gift for your family or loved ones. You can also consider adding this elaborate piece of art to your collection of ornaments and accessories.

Materia; -Sterling Silver
Weight- 2. Grams
Height- 28 mm
Width- 20 mm
Main Stone- White Swarovski crystals
Main Stone Dimensions- 1 mm
Main Stone Shape- Round
Chain- 18’’ Sterling Silver Belcher, Bolt Ring Catch

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