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Celtic Cross With Claddagh Diamond

• Sterling Silver • White Diamonds (0.04ct) • Width: 18 mm • Height: 31 mm • Weight: 3.1 g
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The Celtic Claddagh diamond set cross is a harmonious blend of rich symbolism in Celtic history and culture. This necklace is a beautifully creative way to express your Celtic pride with striking shine. Crafted from luminous sterling silver, the base of this necklace pendant is a Celtic Cross whose stems and arms are shaped into elongated Trinity Knots. The Celtic Cross has come to mainly represent Jesus Christ in Christianity, but it is believed to originally represent four-part systems like earth, air, fire, and water. The Trinity Knot is a Celtic symbol of eternity that represents three-part relationships like the triune God of Christianity’s Holy Trinity or land, sea, and sky. At the center of the cross is a Claddagh symbol circle that doubles as the Celtic Cross’s halo, which symbolizes eternity. The top side of the ring is embellished with glittering white diamonds, and the bottom half of the ring features the Claddagh symbol: two gold-plated hands of friendship grasping a diamond heart of love, which is topped with a crown of loyalty. This necklace is a phenomenal showcase of Celtic culture that is the perfect gift for any woman who loves to proudly show off her heritage.
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