Gold Tone Enamel Shamrock Bangle



■ Elegant Irish bangle crafted from rhodium and gold-toned enamel, materials that are highly resistant to rust and will last for years to come
■ Features 4 culturally inspired charms with traditional Irish and Celtic motifs such as the shamrock, Trinity knot, and Ireland inscriptions
■ Our bangle bracelet is adjustable, ensuring to comfortably fit any wearer, measuring approximately 7 inches in width
■ Coming in a beautiful presentation box, this lovely bangle makes an ideal gift for any lover of heritage and all things Irish



Choose our Gold Tone Enamel Shamrock Bangle for an authentic Irish look! Our unique bracelet showcases great craftsmanship, being manufactured from rhodium and gold-toned enamel, materials that ensure durability and resistance to rust. With a polished finish, this piece has a lustrous appearance that makes it ideal for prolonged wear.
What makes this bracelet truly special is its culturally-inspired design. Featuring four charms with traditional Irish motifs, our piece is an ode to Ireland’s heritage. The large shamrock bangle is a representation of hope, as the three-leaf clover represents the Holy Trinity in Irish Christianity, as well as love, faith, and hope. The Celtic trinity knot, displaying three intertwined loops, symbolizes the interconnectivity of all things in the universe. The Ireland lettering allows you to exude pride for the Emerald Isle and celebrate its culture.
Measuring approximately 7” in width, our bangle is adjustable and guaranteed to easily fit any wearer. Additionally, it comes with its own presentation box that can be used as storage or gifted to a loved one who wishes to connect to Irish heritage!