Mullingar Pewter

Mullingar Pewter Claddagh Irish Pewter Bangle Bracelet


■ Our Irish bangle bracelet is crafted using high-quality pewter, ensuring a durable and elegant accessory that will stand the test of time
■ Showcasing the iconic Claddagh symbol, the design of the bracelet is a representation of love, friendship, and loyalty
■ Measuring 2” in diameter, this accessory boasts a delicate yet remarkable form which will elevate any outfit
■ Whether as a show of appreciation for a loved one or as a treat for yourself, our Irish bracelet is an excellent choice


Spread the universal message of love, loyalty, and friendship with fun style by accessorizing your looks with this Mullingar Pewter Claddagh Irish Pewter Bangle Bracelet. This bracelet is made of pewter, a durable and versatile tin alloy that has been used for thousands of years to craft jewelry, utensils, and other objects. Pewter is also tarnish-resistant, so it is able to maintain its brilliant shine and appearance for ages.

This bracelet comes in a chunky bangle style and is two inches wide, creating an exciting bold and retro flair.

Displayed on the front of this bangle is a replica of the Irish Claddagh emblem. Originating from the Claddagh Village in Galway, Ireland over four centuries ago, this emblem is a popular symbol in Irish culture that is incorporated into wedding rings and tokens of affection. It features two hands of friendship that unite to hold a heart representing love; to signify the loyalty that grounds loving friendships, a crown sits on top of the heart.

Make this bangle a thoughtful gift for a loving, loyal friend in your life!