Rhodium Bok Green Cat Eye Bangle


■ Gorgeous bangle rhodium plated for maximum durability and a mesmerizing luster 
■ Features an intricate Celtic Knotwork design overlaid on a green cat eye glass stone 
■ Made in Ireland by Solvar, a manufacturer of high-quality Irish and Celtic jewelry 
■ To clean, let the bangle soak in water for 10 minutes; avoid harsh chemicals 


The design of this gorgeous Rhodium Bok Green Cat Eye Bangle celebrates symbols with an enduring legacy, such as the Celtic Knot. The endless loops of the Celtic Knot represent unity and eternity. The Celtic Knotwork is beautifully overlaid on a green cat’s eye glass stone, which is considered a talisman that wards off evil and brings luck to the wearer. Besides, green is a color associated with Ireland. The colors and the design are inspired by the Book of Kells, which is the most important manuscript in Irish culture. Besides, this gorgeous accessory is rhodium plated, which gives more durability and an even more dazzling shine than silver or gold. Thanks to the high-quality materials and unique symbolism, this bracelet would make an exceptional Irish gift for someone special to you!