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Shamrock Gift has an incredible array of Irish and Celtic men’s rings, perfect for everything from a bit of weekend flair to a treasured wedding ring. Handcrafted in Ireland by amazing artisans, these rings come in a variety of Celtic designs rich in beauty and history, such as the ancient Trinity knot and the symbolic Claddagh.

Men’s Celtic Wedding Ring Ideas

With men’s rings available in gold, sterling silver, rhodium, and more, these aren’t just jewelry, but pieces of Irish heritage that are part of a centuries-old tradition in Men’s adornment. Our rings come from brands like ShanOre Jewelry at a range of price points that make them affordable no matter your budget. ShanOre, family-owned and operated for 40 years, is one of the premier Irish jewelry makers in the country. All their jewelry is made by hand in their Dublin workshop by master craftsmen to exacting quality and design specifications. Each ring bears the official stamp of approval from the Dublin Assay Office, which must certify each piece of jewelry before it can be legally sold. With options in sterling, 10K gold, and 14K gold, as well as beautifully oxidized silver, these rings are timeless treasures that will last a lifetime.

Claddagh Wedding Rings for Men

All of our men's wedding bands are designed with Irish history in mind. The Claddagh ring is arguably the most famous of all Irish rings, and we offer versions for men as well. The Claddagh design, with its two hands clasping a heart topped with a crown, was developed in the 17th century in the area of County Galway known as The Claddagh, hence the name of the ring.
Gents Gold Diamond Set Celtic and Claddagh Wedding Band- for a long-lasting wedding band this stunning and simple designed 14K White Gold & Diamonds men’s ring is perfect.
Claddagh Celtic Diamond Set 14K White Gold Wedding Ring- this polished 14K white gold wedding ring from ShanOre Jewelry has a delightful circle of diamonds and traditional Claddagh pattern.
Gents Claddagh Wedding Band with Diamond and Trinity Knot Design-a delicate and full of chic wedding ring combining the Claddagh Classic Pattern with Trinity Knot Designed Details.
The true origin of the ring is lost to history, but the generally accepted story goes something like this. A Galway sea merchant named Richard Joyce was captured by Algerian slavers and became enslaved to a Moorish goldsmith. There, he learned the trade, under the strict supervision of his master, while diligently hiding away gold scrapings. When he was released by Royal order due to a treaty between England and the Ottoman Empire, which ruled Algeria as a province at the time, he had so impressed his master that he was offered his daughter’s hand in marriage. But Joyce would have none of it, opting instead to return to Galway to see his true love. Upon his return, he fashioned the first Claddagh ring from his gold scraps and gave it to her as a symbol of his affection. The Claddagh ring is a highly symbolic ring that can be worn by men or women and given between family members, friends, and lovers. Each element holds special significance, with the hands signifying friendship, the heart love, and the crown loyalty.

Men’s Celtic Knot Rings

Another element of Irish design present in these Celtic rings for men is, naturally, the Celtic knot. A never-ending woven band is a perfect motif for a ring, particularly wedding rings, symbolizing eternity and the cycle of life.
Gents Gold Wedding Ring Celtic Knot Design- this handsome men's wedding band from ShanOre Jewelry is carved with the interconnecting flow of Celtic Knots and is full of Irish charm.
Gent Silver Celtic Knot Wedding Ring- this marriage band is an exquisite piece of Celtic jewelry that will be a gorgeous part of your everyday life.
Gents Wedding Ring Celtic Knot Design- for a convenient and stylish ring this band includes the Comfort Fit feature.

In Celtic history, the knot represented not only these things but also the interconnectivity of all things in the universe, from humans to animals, from plants to textiles. Once Christianity spread throughout the island, the Trinity knot grew in use and significance, coming to symbolize the harmony between pre-Christian notions of spirituality with the Catholic trinity of the father, son, and holy spirit. Today, both Celtic knots and the Trinity knot, in particular, feature prominently and proudly on all forms of Irish jewelry, a reminder of how design and art can change and adapt to new ideas and styles.

Our Celtic Wedding Rings for Men tap into this heritage and announce the wearer’s pride in Irish history and tradition proudly, whether you’re wearing it as a wedding band, or an everyday symbol of your roots.

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