Celtic Cross Silver Earrings


■ These drop earrings are elegantly crafted of Sterling Silver, a high-quality metal that does not rust or tarnish, keeping its sheen for many years to come

■ The earrings are shaped in the form of a High Cross and embellished with Celtic knotwork for added cultural essence

■ The earrings measure approximately 0.98 inches in height (without the hook), being dainty but still eye-catching

■ This pair of sterling silver earrings come in a beautiful presentation box, making them a great gift for any occasion

■ For the best results, we highly recommend storing the earrings away from humidity and sun exposure 


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Show off your Celtic roots in a unique way with our luxurious earrings. Carefully made of Sterling silver, this pair of earrings is durable and rust-resistant as well as incredibly shiny and gleaming, providing long-lasting use. Sterling silver can last a lifetime if properly taken care of, making these earrings a lifelong guarantee. To achieve the best results, store them in a dry, enclosed space, away from direct sunlight and moisture. The earrings are beautifully shaped in a Celtic Cross form and finely adorned with Triquetras and interlaced knots. The High Cross is an ancient symbol of Celtic spirituality, marking the presence of holy places such as monastic sites, cemeteries, churches, and so on. Nowadays, the Celtic Cross is associated with Irish pride and the Christian faith. The earrings are intricately carved with richly detailed knotwork that is symbolic of the idea of universal interconnectedness. Measuring approximately 0.98 inches in height without the hook, the earrings will catch everyone’s attention - they are small-sized but still striking. Our cross-shaped earrings capture the beauty of Celtic tradition and heritage, making them a great gift for any occasion.