Holy Communion Celtic Cross Earrings


■ Crafted with attention to detail from high-quality sterling silver, these stud earrings are shiny, rust-resistant, and guaranteed to last for a long time
■ The earrings resemble the Celtic Cross in excellent detailing, a symbol of Irish culture and history representing hope and faith
■ Sized at 0.31 inches in height and 0.24 inches in width and weighing 0.64 grams, these stud earrings are lightweight and delicate, to be comfortably worn by a child
■ Coming in a pretty light green box decorated with shamrocks, making it the perfect gift for a little one to celebrate their Irish ancestry or Christian faith

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These exquisite Celtic Cross earrings have been crafted with great care and meticulous attention to detail, using the finest quality sterling silver. Not only are these earrings rust-resistant and highly durable, but they also have a timeless shine and a chic appearance.
These earrings feature an intricate design that excellently resembles the Celtic Cross, a symbol of Irish heritage and culture. The Celtic Cross has been long associated with hope and faith, making these earrings an ideal gift for those who cherish their Irish roots.
Sized at 0.31 x0.24 inches and weighing just 0.64 grams, these stud earrings are perfectly sized for a child, as they are lightweight and comfortable to the ear, so they can be worn throughout the entire day.
These Celtic Cross earrings are a perfect combination of high quality, durability, and comfort, making them an excellent choice for those looking for accessories that will last for generations to come. Presented in a very cute light green box adorned with shamrocks, they make a great gift for your favorite little one to celebrate their Irish heritage or Christian faith.